Our Services

CC Concepts offers its clients a complete array of services. Our specialization is in developing a customer base in deregulated markets for our clients. CC Concepts has expertise in all deregulated utilities including natural gas, electric and telecommunications. We are always looking to expand to new markets as legislation allows them to open.


Customer Acquisition

Our customer acquisition process adapts to the wide range of customers with focus on volume and quality. We recognize different markets require different approaches. It is our adaptability which allows us to address all the concerns of all customers. We have the ability to target customers based on your needs, whether it is a specific customer database or any particular demographics, we do it all.

CC Concepts has vast experience in all direct approaches including: retail, residential and commercial markets. The focus is always on satisfaction of our clients.

Market Strategy

With vast experience in both new and mature deregulated markets, we are able to put together the complete package for your needs. The opening of each new market begins with thorough research into the demographics of the area. These markets display trends that prevail during the maturing process. Our unique approach has been adapted from the experience of various existing markets. The contacts we have built serve as an invaluable tool in completing our clients needs.

Quality Control & Verification

CC Concepts implements safeguards to ensure the highest integrity of our client is protected. We implement industry leading quality control procedures and verification processes which allow you to be one hundred percent confident with the customers we acquire. We build a sales force that is both locally and regionally managed. We want you to be proud of the representation we provide; our goal is to enhance your brand with our customer contact.

Our sales team is thoroughly trained not only on the sales, but also on the rules and regulations of the deregulated market, product knowledge and the company they represent. Ongoing daily meetings and training with our sales team provides you with a direct line of communication to implement any up to date changes such as rates or procedures.

We pride ourselves as being the choice for natural gas, electric and telecommunications companies to produce a quality customer base for the future.