About Us

CC Concepts has become a leading provider of marketing deregulated services in North America. CC Concepts has developed a broad portfolio of services available for their clients. The aim is to attract and retain customers while continuing to improve service and quality.

CC Concepts works with some of the largest energy and telecommunication companies in North America. With deregulation marketing specialization and the most experienced management CC Concepts is at the forefront of expanding deregulating markets.


Our Philosophy

Service is based on the belief that success is in the detail, supported by a relentless focus on delivering collaborative, integrated—yet pragmatic and cost‐effective—marketing solutions. We rapidly build a comprehensive marketing strategy, plan and tactics or enhance what’s already planned or in place.

We have proven expertise developing strategic messaging and communications, securing industry and media alliances, and rapidly growing the pipeline through identifying and qualifying opportunities. Various pre‐sales programs and activities, all of which help to close the deal, have enabled us to serve as a successful marketing “change agent,” deliver results and add incremental value to the bottom line.

Reinforcing your brand through outreach and consistent communications is critical. Three elements every plan should include: consistency, frequency and variety. Understanding this marketing mix is important to knowing what you’re doing well and where you can improve.
First develop an integrated plan that includes all relevant client and prospect touch activities. Each chan‐ nel has its own role. Branding is reinforced by combining all business development, marketing and PR activities in a virtual circle — i.e., “closed loop” marketing.


Repetition/constant reiteration reinforces the message and helps build your brand. Consistency and rapid response are essential. Touching clients and prospects in a positive and iterative way—through all channels—will reinforce your presence and brand. Power comes from meticulous planning, market testing, scheduled execution, measuring results, and refining activities.